Video System P10 LED Video screen with 7000nits high brightness, high refresh spec allowing excellent resoultion and viewability in bright sunlight. This can be installed on truss systems and located externally or inside locations to suit client. Up to 24sqm available with multiple screen capability and various inputs to suit any video source

Lighting Rig The extensive lighting rig can be tailored to suit any venue. The truss system can even be installed over the dance floor to give a night club effect. The moving heads and scanners can be strategically placed to give direct downlighting onto the guests and produce stunning results. Using the DF50 Hazer the lighting effects can be enhanced to a degree. This is a top of the range unit emitting an odourless almost invisible haze which with careful use, has no effect on smoke detectors. The DF50 is used by many well known artists and theatrical companies. With effective use of the high powered LED wash lighting system, excellent visual enhancement of venues such as marquees and large halls can be achieved. Lasers high power 4W, 3.5W RGB, 5W Green and 2W Blue lasers with full graphic and text capability powered by the Pangolin LD2000 laser software & Quickshow with FB3 controllers.

Sound System The configuration is extremely flexible with active speakers all round permitting additional satellite installations within the desired venue. The very high quality components used in the system provide a combined power output of 11Kw with adequate margins to cover venues of any size. For the largest venues the digital sound management system can be tailored to provide variable delays to compensate for extended distances from stage to audience that can be present if remote satellite fill in speakers are required.

Equipment in Use

Sound system:

  1. RCF TT25A Loudspeakers 1500watt full range compact cabs (2off)
  2. RCF TTS28A 2Kw Sub speakers (2 off)
  3. Mackie SW1801 Sub woofers 18" 900watt active powered speakers (2 off)
  4. Electrovoice SXA360 Top/Mid 500watt active powered speakers (2 off)
  5. RCF 4PRO6001-A 950watt 3 way active powered speakers (2 off)
  6. Behringer Ultradrive Pro DCX2496 Digital loudspeaker management system (1 off)
  7. Shure SLX2 Beta58 Radio Microphone with SLX4 Receiver
  8. Beyer Dynamic wired microphone
  9. Mackie Mixer 1402 VLZ3
  10. Behringer 18Ch mixer Xenyx 1832FX
  11. Electrovoice ELX115P Live 1000watt full range (2off)

Video System:

  1. P10 LED Video Panels (60 total)
  2. Alienware Dual Core 3.8Ghz Laptop
  3. HP Envy i7 Laptop
  4. Evesham Micro Laptop
  5. Samsung 40" LCD HD flat screen (2 off)
  6. Samsung UE55B7020W 55" LED HD Screen (1 off)
  7. Showvision LED Video Screens 25mm pitch 2mx1.2m (6 off)
  8. Sony HXR-NX5 HD Video Camera x3

Lighting System:

  1. 8 Channel digital lighting controller
  2. Showtec Par64 DMX LED flood lights (4 off)
  3. Martin Xciter DMX digital lighting desk
  4. Heavy duty lighting gantry 42m, free standing rig 8mx6m@3m high
  5. Ladder truss lighting gantry 4x2m + 1x1m
  6. Extra heavy duty winched lighting stands total load capacity 0.4 tonne @ 4.7m
  7. Powerdrive REF 54 heavy winch lighting stands height to 3.5m (3 off)
  8. Martin Wizard Extreme (Stunning Centre piece effect 1 off)
  9. Antari Z1020 DMX smoke machine (1 off)
  10. Reelefx Diffusion DF-50 professional Hazer (1 off)
  11. Martin Mac250 Krypton moving heads (4 off)
  12. Stairville HL-X High Power RGB Luxeon LED flood wash light (6 off)
  13. Showtec Pixel Light bar (1 off)
  14. Chauvet RGB LED Technostrobe (6 off)
  15. Static 600mW red laser for bounce off diffraction mirrors & mirror ball
  16. Chauvet Vue VI LED lighting units (2 off)
  17. Colour Fusion CP208 LED lighting bars (2 0ff)
  18. NJD white LED backdrop Star Cloth 3mx2m (4 off)
  19. American DJ ACCU UFO (2 off)
  20. Chauvet LED Qspot 260 (4 off)
  21. Martin Mac350 Entours (4 off)
  22. American DJ Vizibeam 5R Moving Head (2 off)
  23. Powerdrive REF56 Winch Stands 85KG (2 off)

Laser Systems:

  1. 4W RGB full colour laser full graphics and text
  2. 3.5W RGB full colour laser full graphics and text
  3. 5W Green laser for large arena's and outdoor shows
  4. Static 600mW red laser for bounce off diffraction mirrors & mirror ball
  5. 2W Blue laser with full graphics and text
  6. Pangolin Quickshow hardware and software control systems
  7. Pangolin Quickshow FB3 laser controller's (4 off)

Equipment Suppliers